Environmental Sustainability

Lincoln Internal Medicine Announces Environmental Sustainability Efforts

Date: 7/9/23
The Lincoln Internal Medicine Board of Directors is proud to announce new environmental sustainability plans. On June 14 th , 2023, contracting was completed to anticipate installation of solar panels (see rendering below) by early-mid 4th quarter of 2023.

The healthcare industry is among the most carbon-intensive service sectors in the industrialized world, responsible for 4.4 – 4.6 percent of worldwide greenhouse gas emissions.

“As healthcare managers, we frequently recognize the impacts we have on health outcomes of the patients we directly treat and care for. However, as a healthcare community, we must also recognize the disease burden of an ever-warming climate and acknowledge what our role may be in this trend, and thereby, attempt to mitigate that risk. We can potentially have an even greater effect on health outcomes, as a greater medical community, if we act in a more coordinated effort to each do our part with reducing health care emissions – for example finding an alternative energy source to the burning of fossil fuels to generate the electricity our clinic uses,” notes Lincoln Internal Medicine President, David Meyer, MD. “With our solar panel project, we anticipate covering approximately 100% of our energy expenditures over the course of a given year. We see this as simply another way to invest in the health of our patients and the health of generations to come. While we understand the relative benefit of our effort at Lincoln Internal Medicine, we hope that our project may energize other Lincoln County and greater Charlotte area healthcare businesses to evaluate their own plans for environmental sustainability, along with other non-health care businesses as well. Federal tax credits may make this a more manageable financial proposition for a lot of businesses. We’re not experts in renewable energy –however, by partnering with those who are, we’ve managed to feel that we’re proudly doing our part with environmental sustainability.”

Spring 2024 Photos of Completed Project


About Lincoln Internal Medicine: An independent practice offering adult primary care. Board-certified Internal Medicine physicians include Toma Radut, MD; Gabriela Meyer, MD (dual-certified also in Geriatrics), and David Meyer, MD. Lincoln Internal Medicine may be reached at 704-736-9188.