Medical Care during
COVID-19 Pandemic

At Lincoln Internal Medicine, we are dedicated to continuing to provide safe, comprehensive healthcare for all our patients during the COVID-19 pandemic.

We are asking that any patient with new lower respiratory tract symptoms (ie. cough, shortness of breath) and/or fevers call our office prior to coming into office, so we may address how your needs may be best met. Telemedicine visits are now readily accessible to provide care for patients at home (whether sick or not). This is our preferred visit type during the COVID-19 pandemic for non-emergent medical needs. Our process for initiating a telemedicine visit has now been simplified and is considered very user-friendly. We would be happy to set you up for a telemedicine visit to address your medical needs.

We continue to remain dedicated to managing your continuity and chronic care needs during the COVID-19 pandemic, whether with regularly scheduled follow-up visits of chronic conditions or for wellness visits.
We anticipate the majority of these continuity visits may be transitioned to telemedicine visits during the pandemic. Additionally, we now offer drive-thru lab draws as needed.

For those who must be seen in clinic, we request you wear a cloth face covering (per CDC recommendations for the persons going out in public). At this time, we do not have adequate supplies to provide face masks for well patients. For any patient presenting to clinic with lower respiratory tract symptoms, fever, you will be provided a mask immediately at check-in. Our priority, as always, is to continue to offer safe, high-value care that our patients and community demand.

Please visit the CDC-website for answers to a wide-variety of common questions related to COVID-19 Pandemic.


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